My tubal reversal journey

When I was pregnant with my last child there were complications that made my doctors encourage sterilization instead of temporary birth control.  I had developed a blood clot between the uterine wall and the placenta which caused complications in the pregnancy.  I was given the speech about abortion but at my refusal the specialist warned that I might lose my child. My husband and I left the doctor’s and sought prayers and anointing from our Pastor.  At the next doctor’s visit it was determined that the blood clot was gone but the placenta had separated and it could not be repaired. I was warned that if I got pregnant again that my life would be in danger and most likely would not live.

I was considered high-risk and kept on bed rest/reduced activity until delivery. My doctor continued to encourage sterilization during each visit and after much consideration we agreed to the procedure which was performed right after my emergency c-section.

My problems were not severe as some sterilization patients but a couple of years ago the effects of this form of birth control started to take its toll on my health. After multiple rounds of weight loss plans my weight started piling on, menstrual irregularities became more common with bouts of extended bleeding to delayed or reduced bleeding, I have struggled to stay warm even when bundled indoors, my teeth started bleeding, hurting and required removal.

Last year I sought out a naturopath to get on bio-identical hormone cream which is supposed to help but the naturopath did not believe in hormone treatments.  I was informed that my tubal ligation was my problem for my extreme hormonal changes and weight issues and that we would try treating the symptoms naturally.  The first month of treatment I ended up with an allergic reaction that instigated a nose bleed, the second month – even on an adjusted dose I had abdominal bloating, excessive bleeding, chest pain and other health issues that I just stopped the treatment altogether.

I decided to try a regular doctor and requested lab tests to be done. The tests came back indicating that I was low on Vitamin D (which the naturopath had confirmed).  I was given birth control to regulate my health issues and told to follow up a month later. When I did my follow up I was informed that a tubal reversal was not necessary and to just continue on birth control until I went into menopause. When I talked to my doctor about the weight gain on the birth control pills she informed me that I was to buy bigger clothes to accommodate this change.

After the second month on birth control I started having really bad muscle aches and pains which made it difficult to move around. I am rarely ill or have sick days which changed last year. After doing some research I discovered that the birth control pills that I have been taking were a different form of birth control I had taken many years before which caused numbness in my extremities. The doctor still insisted that I continue the prescription. Also birth control pills aggravate bone loss which means my low vitamin d levels were now being accelerated which is one reason for the increased muscle pain and then chest pain.

An older sister who also had a tubal ligation was suffering from similar symptoms and was told that an ablation or possible hysterectomy would more than likely be the next treatment option. This is the reason for my push to get a tubal reversal. My biological mom had a hysterectomy a few years after I was born and ended up having a mental breakdown which in turn caused a series of events that led to our placement in foster care and adoption.  My mom struggled with mental issues from then on until her death from morbid obesity. In my determination to lose weight and to try various diet plans I learned the importance of your reproductive system to the balance of hormones.  When you mess with the ebb and flow of this production the whole body goes into shock.  The procedure that I had done has several different options for sterilizations:

*Cut/tie/burn- the fallopian tubes are cut at various lengths and either tied or burned to prevent pregnancy.

*Filshie clips – these are metal clamps placed over the fallopian tubes to prevent the eggs from getting to the uterus. (These clips can become dislodged and attach to other organs or body parts in your body causing numerous amounts of health issues)

*Essure coils – these are coils that are placed in the fallopian tubes to prevent the eggs from traveling to the uterus.

The fallopian tubes are responsible for communication to the brain on the amount of hormone levels in the body and what body part needs to produce what hormone to keep everything in proper working order. When you cut off the communication then another organ has to make up for the loss and this can happen by either overproduction of a hormone or underproduction of a hormone. In turn this will start causing problems in your thyroid, pancreas etc.,

Now that my tubal ligation has been reversed my next plan of action is to fight the cause of obesity. My body has to start repairing itself from the years of damage done by this procedure. There is an increased concern of an ectopic pregnancy or other issues that can result from this surgical procedure but with proper diet and herbs the blood flow can now return to the organs.

Note: tubal ligation or sterilization does NOT absolutely prevent a pregnancy it only reduces your chances greatly.  The health issues from this are greater and more difficult to repair.  Insurance will not cover the operation to reverse sterilization and the cost will be out-of-pocket.  Most doctors will dismiss your health issues from sterilization and encourage you to get IVF procedures instead.  There is a term for the health issues from sterilization and it is called PTLS (Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome). You may also be encouraged to start removing some of your reproductive system to get relief from your symptoms but in most cases, patients have stated that their problems have increased.

I am thankful for answered prayer that my husband was okay with me reversing my tubal ligation. There is some adjusting period while my body readjusts to blood flow and hormone regulation to the health issues related to the tubal.

Tomato plant update!

Hello all! Welcome back to Herb Corner!

It’s been busy but blessed here in central Missouri at our home! Outside, our tomato plants fare well under the hot summer sun and occasional rain.

The leaves have sprouted taller and taller since planting in early May, they have bloomed flowers and are sprouting baby tomatoes:

We are excited to enjoy our tomatoes once they ripen! The difference between home-grown and store-bought tomatoes is remarkable!!! What are you growing?

Study proves the best way to de-stress

As a child I used to love to get a blanket with a good book and go out to my yard and spend the afternoon in the outdoors, even watching the clouds go by was a favorite pastime.

I have felt a calmness and peace just sitting outdoors in the sun either reading a book or letting the sun and wind blow over me. I was told by a doctor that I needed to get more sunshine for my health which to improve my health, therefore, I started getting out in the sunshine soaking up the sun while I walked.

Well scientific studies are now proving that 20-30 minutes a day outside will help your stress hormones to dramatically reduce. This is even more reason to spend more time outdoors taking in all the sites and sounds of city and farm life. This would especially be true if you work indoors most of the day. We all need a little time in nature and I am sure that our pets will love the additional attention while we are out there.

I would recommend instead of running home to take a short walk with a pet (if you have one) or just go take a walk around a few blocks before you get too comfortable and start your evening routine and the sun goes down.

This is also a good time to work in your garden on your off days and should lower your stress levels even more!!

Update on Sterilization

I learned more things recently for those who have agreed to do surgical procedures that can interfere with hormone production. There are some changes in the laws that might make it difficult to obtain your medical records. I am finding that hospitals and clinics are telling me that they no longer have medical records on file from 17+ years ago. Some sites state that the law only states medical records are to be kept for 6-7 years after you were last treated. The facility is no longer liable to keep your files on hand or in another source. I would recommend that if you go in for service lately to get a copy of your records shortly after treatment in the event you ever have to follow-up on something that was done previously.

Another important information that I have since learned is that there are very few doctors who specialize in treating hormonal imbalances. It is not easy to find a doctor who will do lab work and offer medication or treatment based on the results. Most of those who have had lab work done have been told that their levels are normal and that you just need birth control or antidepressants to bring their body back into balance.

You may be wondering why I am writing this in a blog about herbs. When requesting treatment from a naturopath for my hormonal imbalance issues. I was prescribed Vitex which is an herb from the chasteberry tree. I did have some adverse reactions both times in taking this herb that I had to discontinue it for health reasons. We were trying to re-balance naturally.

Some herbs while mostly beneficial may cause problems in those have had certain procedures performed on them that it can be contrary and cause an adverse reaction. Whatever route that you choose in obtaining health and vitality please note to exercise caution when dealing with hormonal treatments. Some can cause mild to severe health problems if not done correctly.

We are now entering into the spring/summer months. I highly recommend to spend some time outdoors in the sun, starting a small garden, eating more herbs and plants and taking some barefoot walks on the warm days!!

Time to start planting….

Risks of Tubal Ligations (Female Sterilization)


For awhile now, I have wanted to share my story with others so that you might make an informed decision about your health. Here is my story.

Many years ago after a very difficult pregnancy my husband and I opted for a tubal ligation after the specialist strongly recommended it.   At the time I thought this would be beneficial and didn’t think very carefully on how this would affect my health at a later date.

There are groups of hundreds, if not thousands of women who have suffered, sometimes immediately, other times many years later as they start to age.  While tubal ligations might seem ideal especially if your doctor convinces you on the benefits or in some cases how the surgery is necessary but neglect to tell you there are many effects that this surgical procedure does to the body and all of its systems.

The reproductive system is responsible for keeping your body in hormonal balance.  As many women have discovered, when we become hormonally imbalanced with a tubal ligation, it can become very difficult and time-consuming to determine how to restore homeostasis in the body. Not only will our hormones be out of balance but also our health suffers, especially if we have gained excess weight. This extra weight can start causing an abundance of estrogen which can cause cortisol to increase and a domino effect will continue until our body is completely taxed and worn out.

I have learned as I got older and noticed the struggle to lose weight, along with other female issues, that many of the symptoms that I am now trying to combat are due to the tubal ligation also known as (female sterilization).  I was warned of some of the side effects when I agreed to the procedure but I was not aware of the full extent of issues I would be faced with at a later time.

From a female perspective – your reproductive system is not just responsible for procreation, but has the important task of communicating to the brain what chemicals are needed at what time and in what amount.  The Fallopian tubes have little sensory probes that tell the brain if more cortisol, estrogen, progesterone etc., need to be distributed throughout the body.  Also, yes women also have testosterone!! When the balances are dysfunctional and cannot communicate with the body properly, other organs must start producing chemicals to make up for the loss which will start to tax the body.

Let me give a little example – if you went out to your car, opened the hood, cut the gas line, then got in your car and tried to drive down the road, would it make sense to then rant and scream at the car manufacturer for the fact that the car they sold you is not functioning correctly? Of course not!

I believe in the Heavenly Creator who designed our bodies so that they would run in the proper way.  When we want to decide on the size of our family using harmful methods or rely on the judgment of doctors who give us dire outcomes to our current situation, we reap the consequences of this action for years to come.

If you are one of the thousands of women who opted for a tubal ligation and have been to the doctor who tells you that there is nothing wrong with you and proceeds to tell you that you are in need of antidepressants, I want you to know that there are many women who are going through what you are experiencing.

Some women have reported some relief with bio identical progesterone cream.  This is a doctor’s prescription that is formulated just for you and your chemical make-up.  You will want to search for a MD who will prescribe natural remedies if this is the route you choose.

There is another option for those who choose this —-  tubal ligation reversal!  There are many recommended doctors who have had positive success and have either allowed for couple to have more children or if you are looking to restore “some” chemical balance back to your body there are facilities that can help you.

From women I have conversed with who had the reversal done, there are many who have stated to see a positive improvement in the health of their bodily functions.

Women, I want you to know and be very aware of what you will face if you choose to become sterilized.  The article below will give you a detailed description of what many of us are learning years later.  Personally, I regret this choice that I made so long ago.  Honestly, it was the best decision at the time, so we thought, little did we know all the other side effects that were not revealed. I encourage you to always be informed of the decisions you make regarding your body! Our bodies are such complex, highly intricate systems that were designed to work in a particular way.

If you are curious about natural family planning, please check out this link:
I hope you take the time to research and understand how your body works, as well as discover the root of any issue you might be struggling with. It is so easy to see and treat the symptoms, but not heal the root! I know it may be more work and takes due diligence, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.
Photo of a pregnant woman relaxing in nature on a beautiful sunny day

Is your mind/thoughts affecting your health?

During this time in my life I am once again evaluating my diet and health.  I have had numerous confirmations on the topic of your mindset and its correlation to your health.  They are intertwined with each other.

As I have struggled with weight loss many times in my past one of the major organs to my overall health has been compromised.  I have tried with success for a time a low calorie, low carb diet which allowed me to lose weight quickly and keep it off.  However, a few years later and many more health issues I am back to where I started from.  One of those organs is my thyroid.  After numerous talks on the effects of negative thinking I did a quick study on what is the root cause of a low thyroid….  you know what I found out?    Your emotions play a big role in the breakdown of your health.

If you are an emotional stuffer (you stuff your feelings until a later time) this does and will cause health problems down the line.  The anger that you don’t want to deal with today will over time cause negative health issues down the road.

While this post does not discuss an herb or alternative health option, you should know that no matter what diet plan you follow or medication you take that if you don’t start addressing the root/core cause of the issue it will not go away.  You may just subdue your symptoms for a time but if you want total restoration in your body then it is VITAL that you change your mindset.

The first step is prayer, take EVERYTHING to prayer.  Oftentimes we are wanting to control things our way instead of understanding that there is a reason and purpose for our pain.  If you are sad, angry, etc., about something then the only way to overcome these problems is to share with a loved one or friend and then pray for the next course of action.

If you want to see first hand how your mind affects your health do your experiment at home.  Here is a video on how words can also affect food:

An article about grains from Farmer’s Almanac

With so many of us trying to eat healthier while determining if the grains we are consuming are good for you; this article is for you.  If you enjoy this information, sign up at Farmer’s Almanac for their online newsletter.


Trying to get more whole grains in your diet? The surest way to know that you’re eating whole grains is to cook a dish containing the unadulterated whole grain yourself: an entrée made with brown rice, a side of hulled barley, a bowl of oatmeal, or bread baked with only whole grain flours.

There’s a lot of confusion, though, about what constitutes a whole grain. The 2014 Old Farmer’s Almanac is here to help by taking the guesswork out of identifying the different types of whole grains.

The Wholly Grail of Whole Grains

Berries (wheat, rye), groats (oats, buckwheat), and kernels(corn) are all terms for grains in whole seed form (minus the hull).

Grits are any coarsely ground whole or refined grain. (Cracked wheat and polenta are grits.)

Meals and flours are grains that have been ground; meal is generally considered the coarser one. “Refined” or “degerminated” means that part or all of the bran and germ have been removed.

Rolled or flaked grains are whole grains that have been cooked, rolled flat, and baked, losing minimal amounts of nutrients and fiber in the process. They are considered whole grains. Do not confuse them with dry-cereal flakes, which may or may not be 100 percent whole grain.

Wheat 14 Ways:

Bulgur is whole wheat berries that have been steamed, roasted, and crushed. It qualifies as a whole grain.

Couscous, not a grain but a form of wheat pasta, is available in both refined and whole grain forms.

Cracked wheat is simply coarsely crushed whole wheat berries. It qualifies as a whole grain but beware of products with “cracked wheat” as part of their name (“cracked-wheat bread”), which may contain only a small amount of cracked wheat, with the rest refined flour.

Cream of wheat, farina, and semolina are refined wheat products. Wheatena, a hot cereal product developed in 1879, is considered a whole grain.

Einkorn, emmer, farro, kamut, and spelt are ancient strains of wheat finding their way into modern specialty markets because of their unusual (and, some say, superior) cooking, flavor, or nutritional characteristics.

Triticale is a whole grain hybrid of wheat and rye.

Whole white wheat sounds like a contradiction, but it is a true whole grain. White wheats are albino species that lack the genes that give other wheats their brown color. White wheat has a milder flavor a bit closer to that of refined white flours.