Planting Seeds!

Last week we purchased our seeds from a NON-GMO seed company in our area.  It is so exciting to start our gardening process.  A few days ago I got the dirt and seed trays to start some of our vegetables indoors before putting them in the ground.

We are using the Farmer’s Alamanac planting guide for our area.  You can reach it by going to, type in your zip code and it will tell you what plants to start indoors and when to plant your vegetables or herbs outside.

It is hard to think about gardening and weeding with the temperature so cold and the possiblity of snow/ice looms in the distance.  I highly recommend that you start planning your gardening spot and figuring how much space you will need for the vegetables you plan on growing.  The time to put your seeds in the ground will be here before you know it.

We purchased two 72-hole seed trays and put two seeds in each hole.  I also purchased some seed starter soil and planting soil to use.

The plants that take the longest to grow for your area will be the ones that you start indoors.

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