Seeds are sprouting!

We just got our new seeds in their seed starter planter and already we are starting to see new little buds!  We have had a lot of rain lately and cold temperatures therefore I have not been able to leave them outside for very long.

There were a couple of really nice days in the 60’s that I left them outside in the sun and warm weather which I think really helped them.

I ended up buying a couple more planters in order to get my herbs started.  We discovered that we ended up with more seeds than our ground will hold but we have found some friends who needed them, so at least the ones I can’t use won’t go to waste.

If you are new to gardening like I am, don’t be afraid, get out there and buy some small planters with herbs already in them or small planters with vegetables in them.  You can find them at any retail store now that the growing season is coming up.

Just start gardening!! Trust me you will be glad you did!


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