Planting season has started!

The last few days we have been preparing the ground for planting!  I never realized how hard it is to prepare the ground for a garden.  A friend of the family let us borrow a roto-tiller to use.  It was great for cutting the top soil but it didn’t sink deep enough to stir up the soil underground.   After a day of struggling to get the ground stirred up our neighbor brought over his heavy-duty roto-tiller and the ground was like mush in no time.

We were able to how out our rows and put the seeds in the ground.  Today my husband put a fence around the garden to keep out the pests.  Most of the seeds that I planted in the seed starter didn’t make it.  My error I think was leaving them outside on the porch in the last cold weather spell.  It was nice and hot during the day but then that night it dipped into the 30’s.

At least I have learned for the next time.  If you are starting out fresh like we are in planting a garden, I highly recommend borrowing or renting a roto-tiller as it will save lots and time and effort.

Now it is just time to water and weed….


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