Weeds, weeds, weeds!

All this rain has been great to some extent for our plants, but the weeds are growing in abundance.  A few times while weeding we had lost track of the plants that had already sprouted.

Our family wants to use natural ways to grow our food instead of using commercial pesticides and weed killers. We were told that you can use a mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish soap but be very careful that you don’t spray your plants or they will be killed too.  We went out and sprayed the outskirts of the garden with this mixture and various places around our yard but did NOT notice any death to the weeds. 😦

I signed up for a newsletter from the Farmer’s Almanac, and this morning I received an article about controlling and eliminating weeds in your garden!! Some other suggestions were to put mulch in between the rows and plants of about 2″ thick which will keep the weeds from receiving light, I’ve also read that you can put black garbage bags tucked really tight over the areas that are not planted and it will scorch the weeds.


One important note: before you start the ground for gardening make sure that you proceed with ALL measures you can in preparing your soil for plants.  It is very time consuming and tedious picking all the weeds out by hand!


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