Keeping the garden

With all the rain we’ve been having the last few weeks, there are some plants that seem to be thriving in this weather while others haven’t made an appearance yet.   We did plant quite a few seedlings but now that the rain has washed away most of the lettering on the markers, it is unclear as to what the plants are.  I’m finding that it is very important to till the ground before you start planting to reduce the amount of weeds that you have.

As we’ve started to pull weeds it becomes very difficult to distinguish the difference between the plant and weed that I’m concerned about how much of the garden will be left.  Once the rains stop in our area I will have quite a bit of work ahead of me.

I’ve been researching the best natural weed killer to use in the garden, but one problem is that we have already put in our seeds with some of them coming up.  A couple of suggestions; gypsum and lime can both kill or diminish the growth of your garden if you put it on after the vegetables have been planted.  From what I’ve read you have to put it on the soil before you toil the ground.

I will keep researching and post any new information that I’ve found.  One recommendation was to use black and white newspaper on the ground to keep the weeds from growing…


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