Squash and lettuce has made an appearance!

At least I haven’t killed some of vegetables yet with our massive weeding!  🙂  The squash plants and lettuce plants seem to be popping up despite our various weather patterns.   At first I didn’t know if they were weeds or plants that we had planted since some of them up showing up in various patterns or clusters.  Shortly after I planted the vegetables we had quite a bit of rain which I now see has washed some our plants down the hill.  Our yard is pretty flat but in the garden area there is a slight hill.  We don’t remember planting our lettuce in circle clusters, therefore, it is assumed that this must be do to the rain.

The marigolds I planted on the outside of the garden are growing as well.  Some peas have been spotted on the leaves of our plants, but the intense heat must have killed them off as they are not looking to good.  Last week we added some extra soil around the roots of our plants just to make sure they they get added nutrients when we water.

I also learned something very important; to make sure that you plan on how big your plants will be once they start coming out of the ground.  Some of the squash have pea plants underneath their leaves which might work, but next year we will know better.

Our garden is a labor of love and wonderful growing experience!

Until next time!

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