DMAE Supplement Update

I have written at least one if not more blog posts about DMAE supplements.  In all the different therapies I have tried with my son this one has proven to be the most effective in improving my son’s communication skills.  With the progress that we have had I’ve passed on this information and sometimes the supplement themselves to other parents with similar problems. Another parent wrote me to share her experience:

I also wanted to mention that I gave (my child) the DMAE on top of the supplements he is already taking.  Just the other day he was speaking to his father and he began to stumble at his words.  The amazing thing was, he wasn’t content with jibber jabber which he usually resorts to.  He actually stopped himself, gained his composure, thought out his words and proceeded in a rather mature fashion.”

I originally found out about this supplement at the natural health food store in our area.  The bottle I bought lasted me about a month, since he was taking it with other vitamins I wasn’t really sure that it was helping him until our supply ran out and so did his speech.  My son resorted to no talking or verbal expression and extremely quiet, with struggles getting him to repeat lessons.  Within 8-10 hours of starting him up again his language exploded!

After spending so much time with therapists and trying to get him to talk, I never thought I would have to quiet him down but we have reached that milestone!

You can pick up DMAE at any health food store or online.  I highly recommend the DMAE Source Naturals brand!


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