Preparing Garden for next year

This year our gardening experience outdoors didn’t go too well with the large amount of rain and then intense heat.  So far our grape tree seems to be surviving and somehow one lone tomato plant is struggling to keep an existence.  I have seen a total of three flower buds on it, but that is it.

Our big garden we finally had to pull out all the fencing, weed and mow down the tall grass so that we can start again next year.  However, we had been told to put down tarp over the winter months in order to kill most of the grass and weeds in the area that we are going to want to plant in next spring.

In the meantime, I have a couple of indoor planters that I’m hoping to use for herbs over the winter months.  One of the mistakes I made was in my endeavor to keep a weed free garden, I may have inadvertently pulled some plants that I thought were weeds.  I’m hoping that having a smaller planter will allow me to recognize what the plant is supposed to look like, therefore, we won’t pull it up!!

I’m hoping to start growing our own stevia plant.  Has anyone tried this before and if so, feel free to send in your suggestions or comments on the results?  I will keep you posted on the results.



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