Growing herbs indoors and making our own laundry detergent

Since our outside garden didn’t do too well this last summer, we picked up a few herb planters to get a head start for next years planting.  I think a lot of our problems were that we pulled some seedlings that we thought were grass or weeds and ended up losing most of our crop due to our error.

I found some planters on sale from the summer and decided that we would try growing our herbs indoors to see what they look like when they come up that hopefully we won’t pull them from the ground next year! 🙂

We did plant a grape tree this summer which seems to still be growing but I’ve noticed that the bugs have decided to take a bite out of the leaves.  Anybody have some recommendations on what to use before we lose our grape tree?


On a side note: in our attempt to go more natural we already started on a recipe to make our own toothpaste and limit the flouride and other preservatives in our mouth that we found a recipe for making our own laundry detergent which we have already made a couple of batches.  Since we had enough ingredients on hand we decided to make a powder AND liquid washing detergent.  So far we are liking what we are seeing, our clothes are getting clean and we know what is in our detergent.

Our next project is shampoo and conditioner!  Feel free to send suggestions or comments!


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