Learning the natural way to make products!

Our experiment with making our own laundry detergent has turned out really well that now we are working on making our own bar soap.  From what I understand this can be quite and undertaking as there are many tips and secrets that have been learned by the professionals.  However, we feel that we are up to the challenge; it just might take us awhile to collect all the ingredients.

Please share your suggestions and comments if you have made bar soap in the past or are still making it now.  Is there a particular method you liked over another one?

Keep us posted!

Excellent Spice Resource

I recently became informed of a resource available at most libraries and book stores.  It is called “Healing Spices”.  This book discusses how you can use everyday herbs and spices for common ailments instead of ingesting harsh prescription drugs.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every month for your monthly medication why not invest in this book and learn about the various spices that sit in the back of your cupboard collecting dust and put it to good use preventing and possibly healing many symptoms of ill health.

If you have a similar book that has worked for you, feel free to share your comments and suggestions with the readers!!