Staying on top of Federal laws to ban supplements

I wrote a blog post several weeks ago requesting you to view and send comments in to lawmakers protesting the ban on natural supplements.  There are several politicians and government agencies who are pushing their belief that we (the public) should not have the decision on whether we would like to treat our ailments with natural remedies or conventional medicine.

If you do not stay aware and voice your opinion then you will be forced to treat yourself with conventional means and not through a change of diet and herbs.  Having worked in the medical field for many years I believe that there is a time and place for medicine.  The problem I see is that instead of letting our body heal itself (which is what it was created to do from the beginning), we rush to the doctor, take the prescribed medication and go on our way.  One important factor in that equation that is missing, is the need for the body to rest and recuperate.

I have started a new job, and I started noticing at the end of the week how tired and anxious I was from constantly running from one place to another.  Rest is very important to the body in recovery.  Natural herbs also provide energy to the body, where as conventional medicine not only kills the virus but also the beneficial organisms that help you in healing.

The government may ban supplements, if they do, I highly recommend learning how to consume the herbs by growing them and using them in cooking if you have to.

In the meantime: keep growing and learning more about natural health.  Take charge of your healing!


One thought on “Staying on top of Federal laws to ban supplements

  1. Here is a form where you can email your representatives about this; last Friday was suppose to be the last day to do so, as they are suppose to be voting this week on it, but I would recommend sending the emails anyway, especially if you haven’t already.

    My representatives all sent me letters saying they think this gives too much control to the FDA as well and will keep my views in mind when voting, so that is promising! I helps to live in the south as well, as there are a lot of farmers and many people practicing natural health here.

    I would also highly recommend growing your own herbs as the author of this blog has recommended here. It is quite easy to do and can be done year round with window boxes in your window sills; I use the self watering ones, they work great! 🙂

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