February 10th, 2012 Weight Loss cont’d

Fast forward to the weekend of February 10th when I decided to go ahead and start this diet and see what happens.  We were planning a trip out of town so I figured this would be a perfect time to do my “loading days” and then start my 500 calorie diet when I got home.

My “loading days” went well however I was concerned the first day of the 500 calories that I hadn’t eaten enough but from what I’ve read the focus isn’t on about getting full as it is about eating all the high fat food you can stuff in to get your metabolism up and revved for when the calories drop.

For those who haven’t read about this diet, you consume 500 calories daily for a minimum of 23 days (with the drops and 72 hours without the drops) before you head into the maintenance period.  The reason for the low calories is your body is getting the additional 1000 or more calories from the stores of abnormal fat throughout your body and not from your structural fat found in your  face, joints, etc.  If you do not consume any calories your body would automatically go into starvation mode and not release the stores.

I have personally done many diets over the years and as I mentioned in my previous post weight has been an issue in my family.  In fact a family member just passed away from weight issues.  This became a wake up call to me.  I started the Master Cleanse about 5 years ago got to day seven when I had to stop because of problems I was having.  I managed to lose 10 pounds in that week which I gained back later.

One of the biggest benefits I like about this diet is that because I am eating a limited amount of food, I can schedule my meals when the rest of my family is eating.   Some of the things I am looking for this diet to do is:

*lose weight in the areas that are advertised (my abnormal fat stores and not in others)

* will my health improve or will I get so sick that I have to stop

* does the weight stay off

* will it come off quickly
In the past I have attempted to drop a few pounds but cutting out some of my calories only to find to my horror that I have gained weight even after consuming very little food.   Also, I have suffered from hypoglycemia since I was child that when I went for long periods of time not eating that I would get faint, sick to my stomach, dizzy and the list goes on.

So far I have been on the HCG diet with homeopathic drops from a reputable company without any adverse reactions at this time.  I have not felt weak, or extreme hunger in the 11 days since starting the drops.

If this is a path that you choose please by all means check out all the resources on the internet, check out books and do your own research to make sure this is the diet for you!  Due to much controversy you may find that it will become more and more difficult to purchase these drops because of government guidelines, but for many of you this is no surprise after the attack on our supplements recently.   Check out “Pounds and Inches” manuscript written by Dr. Simeon and can be found for free on the internet and “The Weight Loss Cure” which can be found at most libraries.

The drops that I got do not contain animal products only natural herbs.

Weight Loss – January 13-14th, 2012

This is a subject on many people minds of how to improve their health and shrink their size.  About a month ago, I realized that it was time to get my weight in check especially when my health was starting to take a turn that I didn’t like.  My clothes were getting tighter and the cost to buy new clothes was not an option.  I work an evening job that keeps me running for several hours and I would come home tired, with sore joints and difficulty just getting around.  Weight loss has always been a problem in my life since I was little as well as this is a trait in our family history.

Note: I am writing this after the event:  1/14/2012

This weekend we are traveling to Illinois to perform for a wedding and play songs for a service.  While I am riding on the trip I brought along a book from the library that had piqued my interest.  It is called “The Weight Loss Cure“.  The author of the book shares information discovered from a Dr. in Rome who discovered a way to lose weight and keep your body burning fuel more efficiently instead of gaining back the weight once you resume your normal diet.

I have heard many bad reviews of the author but I have to say that I agree with his thoughts of eating more of an organic diet and to eliminate or reduce processed to the very least you can do.    The diet this Dr. discovered is called the HCG diet.  The diet calls for drastic calorie reduction while taking hormone shots which causes the body to release the abnormal fat stores which is what accounts for obesity.  The statement that intrigued me the most was that once the diet has been finished your hypothalamus has been reset to burn fuel at the lower weight instead of storing fat.

Once I got home research was started to see if I could find more about the shots and look for an alternative that was a little more into my budget.  I found some homeopathic drops that seem to work just as well and got great reviews.  I’m interested in trying this experiment to see if it works.