Video about the path our food is taking

A friend shared a very important video with me about how our food is now containing more GMO or GE (genetic engineering) components than before and what we can expect to see in the future.

The video is titled “The Future of Food“.  You can watch it free online at

If you have ever wondered how our food managed to be under the control of so much GMO or GE this educational film will inform you on how it started, and what the end result just might become.  Have we seen the end of our food being mass produced and chemicalized or is this just the beginning?  Is there anything we can do about it either?  Will our food continue to sustain us or kill us?

After watching this video by myself and again with my children I am more determined now to teach them and myself the importance of recognizing what real food should look and taste like.

I hope you enjoy!


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