Building your immunity by eating seasonally!

With the recent change in weather, we usually find everyone fighting off colds, flu’s, and other ailments as the winter starts.  My daughter found an article recently about the importance of eating seasonally to help your body stay strong while viruses run rampant and how to help your body heal faster.

I was surprised to read a suggestion that stated to eat seasonal foods.  In the magazine it states “your body naturally drives you to eat heartier foods like sweet potatoes, beets and winter squashes in the colder months–foods that support immunity by providing both fiber and vitamins A and C.  Eat warming foods like stews, beans, and miso, avoid raw foods, which cool the body and stress the immune system.”  Delicious Living, November 2012 issue

I had not considered how much harder your body has to work to offset foods we eat.  I was told by a friend that eating celery during the summer is really good for cooling the body.  Sometimes we need to listen to what our body is craving as there may be a lack of a particular nutrient for optimal health.  Therefore, winter is not the time to indulge in celery as your body temperature is cooling it will have to work harder to keep you warm!  This is why raw foods are not recommended.

Here is another link to support eating foods that are in season:

Eating seasonal foods