CDC is now recommending the Tdap Vaccine for EVERY pregnancy!

Note: This was posted on a facebook group I’m on.  Whatever your decision is to vaccinate; please, please be informed and aware of your choices!  While this “may” be a “recommendation” at this time, we all know that it could very quickly become law at any point in time…….


Dr. Bob Sears

CDC Just Announced Tdap Vaccine Now Recommended for Pregnant Women During EVERY Pregnancy. Not just ONE dose during ONE pregnancy, but a dose during EVERY pregnancy. Have they gone insane? What are they thinking? I just read the story in my Infectious Diseases in Children magazine.
So, I understand that Pertussis has increased, and the current vaccine hasn’t been enough to reduce the disease, AND that about 30 infants (tragically) die every year from this disease, BUT what the CDC is proposing is to expose EVERY single unborn baby to the unknown effects of the Tdap vaccine. EVERY baby. So, if a mom gets the shot during one pregancy, then gets pregnant a year later, boom – she gets another Tdap shot. Here’s the good part – the article I read is filled with quotes about the lack of safety research:

“. . . despite the concern over the lack of data for the safety of multiple Tdap vaccinations.”
“There is absolutely no question that we need more data.”
The Tdap’s effectiveness decreases significantly after 1 year. So women will need a fresh dose with each pregnancy.
“A lack of safety data about multiple Tdap vaccinations caused some hesitancy among the [CDC] committee.”
“There are no data available that address this specific issue.”
“. . . the need for a prospective study to determine the adverse event risk in women with multiple pregnancies.”
“. . . the recommendation is an off-lable use of the Tdap vaccine.”
“. . . this is uncharted territory. Studies need to be done . . . We also don’t know for sure if there will be adverse effects . . .”
So, what if every dose of Tdap actually does harm to every single baby? We harm every single baby in order to TRY to save the lives of 30? Does that make any sense? What if giving moms the vaccine doesn’t even help protect the babies? There isn’t any evidence yet that it does So, we risk harm to EVERY baby for a theoretical, unproven benefit? That makes no scientific sense at all.
Here’s a thought . . . how about we do some SAFETY RESEARCH before we start giving every unborn baby a Tdap vaccine. AND let’s prove it’s efficacious, so that the risk is warranted. The ACIP (the CDC committee that makes vaccine policy) has officially gone insane, and my faith in their ability to make logical, science-based decisions is no more. I still love the rest of the CDC – they do great work. But until the ACIP starts practicing science-based medicine again, I will not follow their policy recommendations.
Dr. Bob Sears
Pediatrician and author of The Vaccine Book
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