Treating and coping with illnesses

At the time of this writing I am treating the cold that I caught, I write this not because I want sympathy but to share with you the importance of rest and rejuvenating your body.  I suspected that I would come down with something soon as many diseases are running rampant at this time, however, unlike my counterparts I do not wish to run to the first and quickest conventional medicine that I can found only to suppress my symptoms in order to resume my hectic lifestyle.  I am choosing to take the time to listen to my body and focus on “learning” on how NOT to overtax my system.  In this day and age of getting everything done now and fast we seldom take the time to relax and let ourselves enjoy the “quiet times” in life. We have been taught and ingrained with the teaching that unless we are constantly moving we are not successful or contributing to mankind.  If you ask yourself and give an honest answer, how many times do you overextend yourself only to find there is no reward for this or a feeling of accomplishment?

Ways you treat a common cold naturally:

1) First and most important, listen to your body and rest!!  Many times this may be all that is needed!  Your body repairs and rebuilds tissue, muscle and organs get a much needed rejuvenation.  When we are up moving around our body is focused on keeping us going and all organs and systems are operating at an optimal level.  When we rest many of our organs and blood goes into rebuilding!

2). Focus on healthy eating- do not overtax your system which is trying to get rid of toxins and viruses by eating more acidic foods, this will slow down the healing process.  Focus on broths and liquids, lots of hot tea and water will help the body flush out toxins and viruses.  Also very important tip – add lemons, although it is acidic when broken down in the body it becomes an alkaline ash.  See my post on the benefits of lemons

3) For pain – take ibruprofen; this will help bring down swelling and inflammation in the body, taking a bath with epson salt will also help with pain.
Note: I read in a health book one time that the best way to kill a cold fast is to take the hottest shower you can stand then bundle up really well with hat, warm socks, warm clothing and get under some heavy blankets and take a nap.  This will help the body kill the virus by heating the body to a fever stage; viruses thrive in a warm, moist environment but when it is too hot they die off.  Once the “fever” stage has broken you will start to feel better especially after a nice warm bath.

4) Drinking chamomile tea is an excellent relaxer for body stress and difficulty with colds.  It calms the nervous system.

5). Using a humidifier while you sleep also will keep your congestion to a minimum.  During the period of dealing with my son’s allergy problems I learned from his ENT that the best thing you can do for allergies and colds is to sleep with a humidifier which will help keep your nasal passages clear.  Something you may not know is that during the day the hairs in nasal passages are moving, filtering and staying moist, but at night when we are resting the hairs in our nasal passages also stop moving; when you are sleeping your are inhaling forced heat which dries out the passages.  Since nothing is getting filtered all particles stay in your nose until morning which is why we are congested upon awakening.  The use of a humidifier during the winter months helps keep our nasal tissue and skin nice and moist whether we are exposed to wood or artificial heat.

6) Use a neti-pot – while for some this may be a frightening experience.  The use of a neti-pot assists the body in getting rid of phlegm in the nose and throat. If you are coughing or blowing your nose frequently during the cold it is time to get out the pot and help the body get rid of excessive mucus that is causing much pain, suffering and possibly lack of sleep. 😦

7) Incorporate plants into your home, plants are excellent air purifiers

I hope some of these tips help you with your illnesses.  Feel free to share treatments that have worked for you….



One thought on “Treating and coping with illnesses

  1. Great article! I do recommend natural pain control however as Ibuprofen can cause problems. This article tells about some of the problems it can cause.

    Natural pain relief can include, but is not limited to, White Willow Bark, Turmeric, Malic Acid, Blue Vervain, Kava Kava, and Valerian Root.

    Be sure and check for any interactions if you are taking prescription medications or even other herbs. Here is a great place to check for that.

    These are my suggestions for boosting immune system to avoid getting colds and other illnesses, especially during the winter season, some are similar to yours.

    Posted by Mountain Granny Natural Health on Saturday, October 8, 2011

    Have a bessed day! 🙂

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