Herbs vs. Conventional Medicine

Oftentimes we might ask the question are herbs or conventional medicine better for you or even more effective than the other?  To start with let me give you a little background history about myself. I first became interested in herbs when my newborn son became ill and the conventional methods were not working well or seemed futile.  After many medical tests and misdiagnosis my husband and I made the decision to investigate the use of herbs over medicine that may require many years of use and dependence along with multiple more drugs to deal with the side effects. After a diagnosis of Gerds, Cerebral Palsy, and finally autism we started looking into herbs to help relieve or reduce some of the symptoms from his health problems.  

My mom has over 20 years experience as a nurse and my siblings and I have over 16+ years as nursing assistants.  Five years of those years as nursing assistant I was also a medication aide and saw firsthand the effects of conventional medicine on people who once did not use medicine.  

The first thing to know is the different effects that each does to the body.  

Conventional Medicine: This is great in an emergency situation to address and kill viruses, bacteria and any other life threatening illnesses quickly.  If used correctly and for a short period of time it is very effective.

Herbs:This option is great for long term treatment and for rebuilding dead or dying tissue and cells. Herbs help the body by strengthening a weak system and making it stronger.  However, the reason many people don’t use this option is because it can take too long to heal which means the person has to rest and recuperate for a period of time in order to achieve optimal results from the herb.  

Many choose to use conventional medicine in order to “recover” quickly and continue on the lifestyle that they have been on, that in actuality caused the problem to begin with. Take the common cold for example; due to improper diet, lack of rest, lots of stress the body has built up mucus to protect the fragile system but continuing in this pattern only adds to the mucus since the body will produce more to defend itself, and the body has to work harder to gain better health.  By eating well and getting lots of rest, along with the proper herbs the body has a better chance to repair damage in the body and allowing you to be up and running faster.  If you take conventional medicine you are only putting a “band-aid” on your symptoms and lengthening the recovery period even longer since nothing is being ingested to help the body rebuild itself.  Conventional medicine long term can also cause damage by either killing healthy cells, tissue and beneficial bacteria along with the bad cells. 

Our family has found a great resource for herbs in helping our son with his autism at: http://mountaingrannysorganicherbs.com/my_herbs/home.html   You can also read about our journey with his autism at: myautismjourney.wordpress.com.

From my experience I highly recommend the use of herbs over conventional medicine, however, it is extremely important to remember that herbs take time to take effect and do not get discouraged with this time frame.  It is also important to remember that if you use conventional medicine to talk with your doctor before adding herbs as mild to fatal side effects can occur. 

I would recommend that if you are on conventional medicine for a health condition that you research how to improve your health with herbs and a healthier diet. Not only are you helping your body to better health but the dependence on medicine will be stopped.

Take care as you pursue better health.


One thought on “Herbs vs. Conventional Medicine

  1. Well said. Its very important to remember that modern day medicine is, a majority of the time, extracted from herbs and other organisms that occur in nature. Physicians are duped (or paid) into thinking that healing cannot take place without the scientifically converted herb. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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