DIY Hand sanitizer

This was posted in a *magazine* that I read recently.  With all the bugs and viruses going around here is a natural way to reduce illnesses:

“Wipe out germs without harsh chemicals and drying alcohols.  Try this gentle but effective at-home recipe from Treatment Alternatives for Children by Lawrence Rosen, M.D. and Jeff Cohen (Alpha, 2012).

*3 ounces filtered water

*1 teaspoon aloe vera gel

*10 drops cinnamon essential oil

*10 drops clove essential oil

*10 drops rosemary essential oil

*10 eucalyptus essential oil

*20 drops lemon oil

Instructions: Mix ingredients in a 4-ounce spray dispenser, and shake gently.  Mist onto hands; massage for 30 seconds.

* magazine February 2013



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