Cooking and Growing Cilantro

Hey everyone! Just wanted to write something about what has been growing over here at Herbs Corner 🙂

First off, we planted a batch of cilantro in our planter by the house and as you can see they’re growing quite nicely. Even with all the rain, they still held up nicely and are now nice and green. This is our second time growing it but we are having fun!


As that faithful army of cilantro grows, we are still watching for the other batch that is already planted in our wild edibles area.

However, the already sprouted cilantro is making numerous appearances in our soups, salads, sides and main dishes. Great recipes include: Wild prickly lettuce with dandelion petals and cilantro, potato soup(the cilantro makes it taste fresh), Spanish rice and our favorite, carne asada. When researching cilantro recipes, we realized that not only the leaves are good, the stems are full of flavor. (click on carne asada and potato soup for recipes)

Also, we were happy to learn that cilantro and its seed, coriander, has many benefits as well as being so tasty. Some of them are:

Cleansing of heavy metals and toxins
Rich in vitamins and minerals
Lower blood sugar and cholesterol




by Sarah.A


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