GMO labeling on all foods

This company offers excellent organic produce and is seeking your help in passing a bill that will require companies to label GMO food!  Please read the article below for further information.


Dear Azure Community,

As you know, providing our customers with natural and organic, health-giving food is a mission of Azure. We strive to do it better and better every day. That is why the subject of labeling GMOs is so important to us. We do our absolute best to not buy or sell products with GMO ingredients, and for the last few years we have required non-GMO statements from companies for any new (not certified organic) products we buy. But, there needs to be more transparency on the broader level.

I am writing to personally ask that you support Yes on 522 – even if you don’t live in the State of Washington, because its passage would be a landmark statement, and hopefully provide the tipping point we need for people to understand what genetic engineering of foods means. Labeling GMOs is not the end game, but it is the critical start. We need the non-natural GMOs labeled clearly so that more and more people can become aware of their presence, and then learn to make informed decisions on their growing, purchasing, and eating habits.

Right now, the vast majority of people (clearly not Azure customers!) still don’t know what GMO means. The only way we can help them to understand is by getting the labels in front of them – it will beg them to start asking the questions, “What is that? Where did that come from? Is that safe?” We can then address those questions through education and healthy options. But, if people don’t even know what ingredients are HIDDEN in their foods, they don’t know to ask.

Right now, Yes on 522 needs financial contributions, sooner than later. That is how this battle for labeling will be won or lost which was made clear from the results of the efforts to label in California. Those who supported the Right to Know in California donated about $8 million dollars, and those who opposed the Right to Know donated $45 million in total. The margin of defeat was narrow – about 3%, but definitive. So far, we have heard that Yes on 522 has raised around $3 million dollars. While that is great progress, it is not enough.

So, here is our challenge: Azure is committing to donate (a minimum of) $1 to the Yes on 522 Campaign for every Azure customer who donates to Yes on 522 by October 15th. Please click here to donate to the Azure Standard/Yes on 522 match program!

We have a large customer base, and we know this email will reach the vast majority. We know you care about the food you eat, and we truly hope this incentive we are putting forth will encourage all Azure customers, friends, AND families to participate and support everyone’s Right to Know, Yes on 522 in Washington.

Finally, I want to let you know that SO many Azure vendors are stepping up- some very significantly, in support of Yes on 522. Please take a look at this list ofvendors who endorse Yes on 522. We feel they deserve recognition and our appreciation! One of the stand-out supporters has been Dr. Bronner‘s. Not only have they contributed substantially, but the Bronner family also made a short video explaining what Ballot Initiative 522, “The Washington Right to Know Genetically Engineered Foods Act” means to them. Watch it here, and thank you.

In Abundant Health,

David Stelzer,
CEO, Azure Standard




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