Weight loss and intestinal cleanse on sale until November 30th.

A friend and supplement provider is having a sale on a weight loss product including intestinal cleanse until November 30th.   I personally have not used this product to be able to give a review but I am told that those who have liked it!

SALE! Weight Loss Package regularly $45.98 on sale now for only $34.48 until November 30th.
This is also a great way boost your immune system so you won’t have to worry about getting sick when everyone else around you does; which will save you lots of money because you won’t have doctor bills, have to buy medications of any kind, etc. not to mention lots of sick days!
Go here for more details. http://www.shop.mountaingrannys.com/GRANNYS-WEIGHT-LOSS-PACKAGE-GWLP90.htm
You get both Granny’s Intestinal Cleanse and Granny’s Weight Loss Formula for one low price.
 Why we gain weight and how to properly lose it and the toxins and keep it off. http://mountaingrannysorganicherbs.com/…/


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