Can onions help your cold/flu bug?…. It did ours!

For those who are suffering from colds and flus you might want to pay attention!  Several months ago our family was suffering the typical cold/allergy bug that was being passed around, all except one family member.  When I asked the child in question what she was doing differently that she wasn’t suffering at all like we were she told me that she had read somewhere to put an onion in your room and it will keep the virus away.  Well!!!!, since I had been suffering for a week and had massive fluid in my ears that was keeping me from hearing and talking I thought I would give it a try.  A few days later I too was feeling better! 🙂

I have since kept an onion in my room and have placed them in other areas when the virus starts picking up at work and so far we have avoided any further problems.  I had also read that putting onions on your feet at night will help pull toxins from the body.  I have not tried that option but may do so in the future.  I have passed the word along to several of my skeptical coworkers which some have later told me that it did help!

One of the first questions I get is will my house smell like onions, well for me being able to breathe as opposed to my house smelling like onions is a simple answer!  However, each person is different.  For the record though, I don’t believe it does since the onion is absorbing the bacteria in the air.  Once the onion changes colors, get rid of it and replace it with a new one if the bug season is still in effect. All you do is take a white onion cut it in half and put it in the rooms that you spend the most time but most definitely in your bedroom.  That is all!  At this time Aldi’s is running a special on a bag of white onions for 70 cents.


Now; will tell you that this does not work.  However, I will tell you that it did help myself and some of my family members as well as some of my coworkers.  I have even talked to a few people who have confirmed that this does work. I will include some resources so you can decide for yourself.

Sites that claim it does work or can at least help: (this site also discusses onions in potato salad being the problem and not mayonnaise

Sites claiming it doesn’t work:

If you have had experience with using the onion cure, please comment below!

Attn: Missourians — Missouri lawmaker wants meningitis vaccine made mandatory

Note: I am NOT encouraging you to get the vaccine! This information is for you to know any upcoming legislation that can affect your rights as parents!

Attention Missourians –

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A state senator from Missouri has taken a big step in protecting your children as they head off to college. Gina Walsh is a Democrat from the St. Louis area and wants all incoming freshman to be vaccinated for meningitis.

Meningitis can be deadly and it can be spread quickly. Anyone can get it, but it’s seen mostly in children under one and young adults. Those who live on college campuses are more likely to get it.

The disease, which attacks the lining of the brain and your spinal cord, is preventable with vaccination. The Kansas City, Missouri Health Department starts vaccinating children as young as 11 years old. Right now it’s a recommended vaccine, not a required one. But considering how dangerous it can be, the public health nurse supervisor says it’s a good idea to get it.

“It is known to be spread through close contact, so definitely when you think about dormitory students and hygiene, yes it would be a good idea to make it mandatory,” Jelene Wynn said.

Some colleges and universities in Missouri ‘highly recommend’ its students get vaccinated. Senator Walsh wants to see Senate Bill 748 take the next step and make it mandatory.

If it doesn’t pass, the senator hopes parents will talk with their doctor’s and follow their advice. The health department works closely with local schools, like UMKC, to inform its students that it has vaccines available. The vaccines can come at no cost if you meet certain requirements.