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A great one coming up April 16th:

The Worst Weeds are Your Best Medicine

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 – 7:00pm to 8:30pm EDT
David Winston, RH(AHG)
Free to Public

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7:00 Eastern Time, 6:00 Central Time, 5:00 Mountain Time and 4:00 Pacific

When we look at the great systems of herbal medicine (TCM, Ayurveda, Unani-tibb, Eclectic, Tibetan, Kampo, Physio-medicalism, etc) we find that they have large well developed materia medica’s that allow the skilled practitioner to carefully choose the right remedies for each unique person.  In the West we seem to have an ever shrinking number of herbs used by practitioners.  Some of this is due to scarcity of over harvested herbs or lack of availability of obscure herbs, some of it is due to bans by the FDA and much of it is because we as herbalists have forgotten much of what our fore bearers learned and left us as our inheritance.  In this class we will explore the use of common weedy plants that are commonly used in other parts of the world, but are little known or used here in North America.  Not only do we discover new allies in our healing journey, we help to reduce the use of scarce native species, while slowing the progression of aggressive invasive foreign plants.  Come and learn how to use Purple Loosestrife, Kudzu, Cogon Grass, Mimosa, Ground Ivy, Ragweed, Japanese Knotweed and other weeds found near you.

About the Instructor: David Winston is an Herbalist and Ethnobotanist with 45 years of training in Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions.  He has been in clinical practice for over 38 years and is an herbal consultant to physicians, herbalists and researchers throughout the USA and Canada.
David is the founder/director of the Herbal Therapeutics Research Library and the dean of David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies, a two-year training program in clinical herbal medicine. He is an internationally known lecturer and frequently teaches at medical schools, symposia and herb conferences.  He is the president of Herbalist & Alchemist, Inc.and is a founding/professional member of the American Herbalist Guild. He has served four terms on the Board of Directors and and he is on the American Botanical Council’s Advisory Board.