Pallet Planters and Gardening

My hardworking daughter was so kind to put together some pallets to start the garden I wanted to do this summer! We were too late to use seedlings so had to go with plants that had already been started. My daughter did the research and put these together and so far things are going well.  These are the latest photos and have been growing for a couple of weeks.

One problem we ran into though is if you want soil that is NOT GMO tainted, you will have to research what is available in your area.  It might be more costly but definitely well worth it.  The soil we used is Miracle Gro which is owned by Monsanto!…..


The plants in the bottom row is from our cilantro “patch”.  These are in the ground and not in pallets. The taller plants are ones that regrew from last year! 🙂  

When we tried our hand at gardening a few years ago, we had more weeds and not enough plants.  This year I wanted to try gardening on a smaller scale just to see how it would turn out.  

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