Can onions help your cold/flu bug?…. It did ours!

For those who are suffering from colds and flus you might want to pay attention!  Several months ago our family was suffering the typical cold/allergy bug that was being passed around, all except one family member.  When I asked the child in question what she was doing differently that she wasn’t suffering at all like we were she told me that she had read somewhere to put an onion in your room and it will keep the virus away.  Well!!!!, since I had been suffering for a week and had massive fluid in my ears that was keeping me from hearing and talking I thought I would give it a try.  A few days later I too was feeling better! 🙂

I have since kept an onion in my room and have placed them in other areas when the virus starts picking up at work and so far we have avoided any further problems.  I had also read that putting onions on your feet at night will help pull toxins from the body.  I have not tried that option but may do so in the future.  I have passed the word along to several of my skeptical coworkers which some have later told me that it did help!

One of the first questions I get is will my house smell like onions, well for me being able to breathe as opposed to my house smelling like onions is a simple answer!  However, each person is different.  For the record though, I don’t believe it does since the onion is absorbing the bacteria in the air.  Once the onion changes colors, get rid of it and replace it with a new one if the bug season is still in effect. All you do is take a white onion cut it in half and put it in the rooms that you spend the most time but most definitely in your bedroom.  That is all!


Now; will tell you that this does not work.  However, I will tell you that it did help myself and some of my family members as well as some of my coworkers.  I have even talked to a few people who have confirmed that this does work. I will include some resources so you can decide for yourself.

Sites that claim it does work or can at least help: (this site also discusses onions in potato salad being the problem and not mayonnaise

Sites claiming it doesn’t work:

If you have had experience with using the onion cure, please comment below!


After a friend of mine shared an article about maca I wanted to share our experience:


One of my daughters had problems with extremely long menstrual cycles, the longest lasting over 5 months with little stop in bleeding. We looked around for different remedies, originally starting with estrogen-based treatments like evening-primrose oil and soy women’s health pills. Then a lady at our local health food store told us about how a woman’s cycle starts and stops. It seems the menstrual cycle starts with a drop in progesterone in the body, and possibly boosting the estrogen. At the end of a normal 6-8 day cycle, the progesterone levels should boost themselves, and the estrogen/progesterone levels should balance themselves out, effectively shutting off the bleeding.

In our case however, it seems the progesterone levels would not come up by itself, and she was also passing large amounts of tissue regularly, from what seemed to be excess lining in the uterus. The estrogen treatments were only making it worse, and the bleeding heavier. The bleeding was so heavy that at one point she fainted from iron deficiency. After putting her on regular doses of iron, we realized we needed to do something different, and we came back to the health food store.

A friend of ours had told us about trying progesterone cream made from yams. We originally had tried “progesterone plus” drops from Young Living Essential Oils, with seemingly no success. Our next choice was At Last Naturals “Wild Yam Cream,” also seemingly with no success. That was, until yet another consultation with the health food store, where they suggested trying Maca Root. The brand we purchased was Now, in capsules of 500 mg. She started taking 2 capsules daily, along with about a teaspoon of cream rubbed into the soft parts of her body, rotating different areas.
Lo and and behold, after about three days she stopped bleeding!

The first time this happened, we hadn’t really known what had caused her to stop, so the second time she started her cycle, she went on for a little while until we tried the combination again. It seems the extra progesterone and the maca root together would cause the body to regulate its hormones. The next few times she started her cycle, she took the combination after 6-7 days of bleeding, and her  body started regulating and stopping her cycles itself, without the aid of this treatment.

This in all took about two years of experimentation to finally achieve this results, so we were understandably relieved when she finally stopped bleeding for longer than the duration of a normal cycle.

After about 5 months of normal cycles, she started bleeding for more than 1 week each month, so she started taking the maca root/progesterone cream combination a couple times to get everything regulated again.

We don’t really have a set cause or solution to permanently fix the hormone levels in her body at this moment. There are a lot of factors that affect a woman’s hormones, too many to talk about here, and we haven’t done intensive research anyway. Perhaps you can’t specifically pin down the hormone disruptions; perhaps you can. In any case, this remedy has worked for a couple people, and, it’s a lot better solution than birth control, which is what the OB/GYN wanted to put her on if her cycles didn’t start regulating again.

Here are the links for the cream and maca we used, we haven’t tried other brands or varied the dosages a whole lot…..

Maca Root:

*Note: we have not tried the “Raw” Maca root by Now, only the regular capsules.

Progesterone Cream:

Hope that helps you all!!!

On a side note, if anyone’s interested in immune health, we’ve found that Source Naturals make a really good product called “Wellness Formula.”

Personally, we don’t take it every day, just when we start feeling like we’re getting a cold or the flu. The length of “sick days” is shortened considerably, and in some cases it never becomes severe. The amount of ingredients and the strong dosages recommended together are probably what makes this product really work. You should check it out!

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