Diets and Health

I have been meaning to write this blog for awhile.  Thanks to the encouragement of my husband who believes in tough love and not letting me get away with being less than who I was created to be.  Several years I FINALLY started on a weight loss journey.  Sadly my biological mom suffered from many health issues and passed away from her body not being able to handle her weight anymore.

This sparked the process of trying to lose weight and see results.  I have often used the diet program called HCG.  It is formulated from a doctor in Rome who believed that once the female body knows that a baby is growing in the womb, the fat stores are more readily released in order to allow the baby to survive in extreme hunger situations.  I used a homeopathic hormone that helped my body release the excess fat stores in a quick fashion while consuming 500 calories.  I know it sounds like very little, but I did not suffer from hunger or weakness and was able to be fully functional in my overall activities.

Using this protocol I was able to lose approximately 40 pounds.  Since then I have learned about how our bodies process and react to the foods that we consume.  There are many programs to choose from which makes it excellent to find one that will work for your individual needs.

As I wrote in a previous post about stress, with the new advent of not eating well, getting less than 8 hours of sleep, and consuming excessive amounts of caffeinated drinks and processed food our bodies have learned to reject what we call “food” and stresses out our organs and overall health system.  Our bodies need wholesome nutritious food.

Another important lesson I have learned recently is if you want to lose weight you need to eat!!  Our bodies need to have enough food for all organs to dish out their proper hormones, oxygen and blood to all systems.  When you deprive yourself of something that your adrenal glands needs to function well, that means the job falls on another organ to pump out what the adrenals need in order for all systems to go.  You need to eat frequently but make sure what you are consuming is not junk food! Eat protein, fruit, veggies and we also need to eat carbohydrates!

If you want your body to give you years of quality living, eat to live!!  Also, take time to relax, enjoy your family, spend time studying Scriptures and praying, and get outdoors and relish in the sunshine!