Is your mind/thoughts affecting your health?

During this time in my life I am once again evaluating my diet and health.  I have had numerous confirmations on the topic of your mindset and its correlation to your health.  They are intertwined with each other.

As I have struggled with weight loss many times in my past one of the major organs to my overall health has been compromised.  I have tried with success for a time a low calorie, low carb diet which allowed me to lose weight quickly and keep it off.  However, a few years later and many more health issues I am back to where I started from.  One of those organs is my thyroid.  After numerous talks on the effects of negative thinking I did a quick study on what is the root cause of a low thyroid….  you know what I found out?    Your emotions play a big role in the breakdown of your health.

If you are an emotional stuffer (you stuff your feelings until a later time) this does and will cause health problems down the line.  The anger that you don’t want to deal with today will over time cause negative health issues down the road.

While this post does not discuss an herb or alternative health option, you should know that no matter what diet plan you follow or medication you take that if you don’t start addressing the root/core cause of the issue it will not go away.  You may just subdue your symptoms for a time but if you want total restoration in your body then it is VITAL that you change your mindset.

The first step is prayer, take EVERYTHING to prayer.  Oftentimes we are wanting to control things our way instead of understanding that there is a reason and purpose for our pain.  If you are sad, angry, etc., about something then the only way to overcome these problems is to share with a loved one or friend and then pray for the next course of action.

If you want to see first hand how your mind affects your health do your experiment at home.  Here is a video on how words can also affect food: